04/12/19 to 05/12/19

The sculptural installation ‘La Palabra’ on the Havana’s Malecon within the project  Detrás del Muro, in the XIII edition of the Havana Biennial


The XIII edition of Havana Biennial, one of the most importan cultural events in Latin America, hosts for the first time and as a central project the third edition of ‘Behind the Wall – Liquid Stage’, a fascinating outdoor proposal that is developed along the Malecón, created and curated by Juan Delgado Calzadilla, where more than 60 international artists of different nationalities show their works in a magnificent display of creativity, quality and originality, along the Havana coastline. The curator says: “We defend Art as an opportunity to transform the way in which human beings human beings interact in the public space. Not surprisingly, we have also been invited to celebrate the 500th anniversary of our capital by the Office of the Historian, an offer that will allow us to extend in time and space our gesture of gratitude towards this wonderful city. “


At the Punta of the Malecón, in front of the Castillo del Morro Lighthouse and the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, Bikondoa’s work, La Palabra, is located, an imposing sculptural installation comprising a monumental book of three meters high, made in wood covered with zinc and hundreds of shoes/boots/feet of cement. Two liquid walls for Behind the Wall. Two walls, a metaphor, the vital course of the human being for the Construction of the Possible, because…What is more important than the ‘construction’ of te inner evolution of the human being?


Bikondoa says: “I tried to build two walls that represent, in its verticality, the marine surface, for it the zinc gave me the necessary … The Word is a half-open book whose cover, full of letters, represents the knowledge and It looks towards the Lighthouse, symbol of the search for it The back cover, struck by hundreds of huge nails, represents suffering and directs its gaze to the Fortress, symbol of resistance From the half-open book emanate hundreds of steps in cement, allegorical scene of the vital course of the human being, since we evolved well through knowledge, or through suffering. “


The word, as a way of knowledge.
“Recently, I heard the great singer Patti Smith say:” The word is and will be the most beautiful weapon in the world “, subscribing his words I would add” and the most powerful. “For me the word is very important, but sometimes I feel that man has oversized that importance, it is a double-edged sword since it is also used to seduce and deceive, but I am interested in the word as a way of knowledge, that which comes from the heart, and not from the affective heart, but from the At the beginning of time, man only uttered guttural sounds, he did not possess the power of the word, but this was developed by his predecessor, the thought, Nobody can surrender to the well-articulated word The word is not something fixed or solid, it is interpretative, from the same word different conclusions can be drawn, since it has no life of its own, it has the life that we give it. To raise or to sink, the wise person knows that power well and therefore takes great care of his words. The word has been much praised. It is said that the word is silver and silence is gold. I am interested in the silence of the word. When the word and the “non-word” come together, the transforming word arises, that which has the capacity to change from top to bottom and from inside to outside the whole sensitive being that hears it. That word is a word with a magnetic center and its sound resounds like thunder at the center of the universe. In our center. “