02/25/19 to 03/17/19
Expo/Installation by Bikondoa, curated by Andres Isaac Santana at Zapadores Ciudad del Arte in Madrid


A powerful installation by the Basque artist Alfredo Bikondoa, conceived exclusively for the Torre Sur Zapadores Ciudad del Arteartfacility. The work, as its name suggests, alludes to the possibility of a better place, a better land, a better space, a better world. Its conceptual enclave revolves around the idea of “procuring” and “stimulating” other models of planetary coexistence, other norms of conscience and full action. The house, reproduced in a thousand forms and on a thousand scales, thereby becomes a great allegory of our home, understood as our world, increasingly besieged by practices of destruction, vassalage, control and submission. The promise is nothing but a farce, a biting irony about reality, multiplied in infinite mirrors, a way of sounding the alarm about the terrorism of all advertising claims and their rhetorical and persuasive artifices. The music heard in this promised land is not electronic, in all its variants; it is, rather, that of shame and the expanded weeping of those who have lost their homes and, with them, all illusions of faith. The music of Tomorrowland is the voice of sadness, of failure, of lies, as the bleak panorama of an uncertain present tinges any promise of emancipation with bitterness. Boredom, laziness, uncertainty, fear and a strong sense of loss and moral breakdown shape a subjectivity that is always fleeing, waiting for a journey, an escape somewhere;  a subjectivitythat has understood, in the end, that scepticism and utopia are two theatrical sides of the same face. At the end of every promise, of every instinct for conservation, of every dream, the true truth is revealed: tomorrowland is but the permanent state of a Continuous War.


Andrés Isaac Santana

Exhibit Curator