04/29/10 to 05/03/10
Bikondoa present at the ART-CHICAGO Internacional Art Fair, in U.S.A., representing Jean Paul Perrier Fine Art Gallery.


The Jean Paul Perrier Fine Arts gallery selects Bikondoa’s figurative work, after its great success in the exhibition ‘Alfredo Bikondoa: Portraits of a Philosophy’, recently held at the Barcelona headquarters. Thus, the acclaimed series ‘Ten thousand goddesses’ will represent in Art-Chicago, one of the most recognized international fairs of modern and contemporary art, to the Catalan gallery next to other great works like those of Picasso or Franck Lloyd Wright.


In reference to this series, the artist responds to Marga Perera, of Trends in the Art Market, in his interview:

“I read in a Tibetan book that ‘It is time for the 1000 goddesses to manifest and end the suffering of Maya, the illusory world.’ I have always thought that the world evolves through female intuition. I am led by the intuition, which is always accurate, and then reason, if necessary. In the faces of women, I am not interested in the distinctions between the anima -the feminine- and the animus -the masculine-. My faces encompass everything. They do not represent concrete people, even if they sometimes have their name or codex. As a whole they form a large body with many faces, their relationship with the Earth Goddess, Tara Verde, Tara Blanca, Tara Dorada, etc …; the anima, the shadow, the mysterious without explanation possible, the cosmic matrix, the nucleus, the way home, alpha and omega, eternity … Each one of them and, as a whole, represent the great mystery of the feminine latent in everything, the great mother who penetrates everything. There is no mystery to solve … reason can not limit it. “