23/09/15 to 31/01/16
Exhibition curated by Arnau Puig and Alfonso de la Torre in the Royal Atarazanas and Maritime Museum, one of the most emblematic buildings in Barcelona


‘Poetic weight’, by Andrés Isaac Santana (ABC of the arts and letters published article)


Excellent exhibition with the last work of Alfredo Bikondoa. This is a beautiful showing, both because of its delicate and subtle gesture, and because of the arrogant projection of the pieces. In it the grandiloquence of a powerful painting, of a material character and viscerality, is crossed, with the almost surrealistic and intimate enigma of the objects that complete the internal dramaturgy of the story. There is a kind of rare paradox between the boundaries of objects, which are at the same time sculptures of small format, and the emphatic theatricality, almost neobarroca, of the major painting that the artist performs. Vocation for the craft, anxiety for the care of the forms and a conceptual resonance are just some of the indicators to take very into account. Many pieces seem to contain a pain or to be themselves the expression of a silence that does not stop to interpellate to its interlocutors. Traps more or less sophisticated that warn of a restlessness, a state of concern, closures and anxieties, freedoms and affirmations that can find their redemption through art.