03/03/10 al 05/31/10
‘Artists… to barrels’, collective exhibition organized by Lucila Toledo and Mirabilia at the Emina Wine Cellar, Ribera del Duero-Valladolid.


The exhibition includes fifteen barrels ceded by the winery and taken over by the artists.


‘Life and Dreams of Madame Butterfly’, the piece created by Bikondoa, belonging to the series ‘Nirvana vs Samsara’, explores the unconscious incapacity of loving realization with the beloved object, that is, of fusion with him. The embedded boots that surround the barrel represent the pursuit of happiness, turning lost … Madame Butterfly, unaware of her own drama, is absorbed in her own fantasies. Meanwhile, life escapes – naked man of red, blood of life – in a house where it is difficult to tread the ground and where an empty chair expresses the absence of the soul. All of this represents the phenomenal world, Samsara. The Buddha, who meditates on the right side of the roof, symbolizes Nirvana or world of true happiness or freedom. The key is access to that level of freedom, which is not separate from the ordinary world except in our ignorance.